From little things…

In 2000, we decided to build a greenhouse on our family’s 110-acre farm. Our plan was simple – two brothers with our wives growing tomatoes and living the country dream.

Of course, what began as a humble plan has evolved and expanded over the years into what you see today – Gateway Estate – our gourmet farmgate where we grow and produce a range of produce for sale in our shop and café. Tony & Debra are kept busy managing the farm and maintaining Gateway’s greenhouses and paddocks, where we grow basil, capsicum, strawberries and rear our own herd of Angus beef cattle. Brett & Karen are front of house – Karen is the legend who bakes and cooks all the delicious smelling delicacies we sell in our café and Brett oversees the smooth running of the farmgate shop.

Grown here on the farm at Gateway Estate

Our aim is to grow the best quality produce using the least amount of water, fertiliser and chemicals, and we manage this by using a ‘zero waste’ closed-loop irrigation system, as well as Integrated Pest Management. Every bug in nature has its natural predator, so rather than spraying our crops with unnecessary chemicals, we introduce good bugs to prevent or eliminate any bad bugs. The way nature intended. Chemical sprays are only ever used as a last resort, all of which gives us a cleaner, healthier greenhouse and produce.

In our 5,000 sq m greenhouses, beyond the strawberries, you’ll see we grow capsicums and basil commercially (you can even take a tour if you’re part of a group), yielding 100 tonnes of capsicums per year and 35,000 pots of basil.

We also make our own sweet capsicum relish and tomato kasundi, both of which you’ll find available in the farmgate shop and which you can buy here online.

Want a Greenhouse Tour & Tasting?

How would you like to go behind the scenes at Gateway Estate on a tour of the greenhouses? On your tour you’ll get to see the capsicum plants up close and hear about our eco approach to growing hydroponic capsicums commercially. We finish up the tour with a tasting platter including relishes, jam, cheeses and seasonal produce plus our strawberry Port and Liqueur. Contact us with your preferred date, time and number of people (minimum 5, maximum 24) and we will get back to you with availability and pricing.

Please note that tasting sessions are currently not available.

Our food has the lowest food miles

All the produce for sale in our farmgate shop and served in our café, has been sourced with the lowest food miles possible. Our extensive range of quality artisan produce has all been grown and made locally, either here at Gateway Estate, from nearby Yarra Valley producers, or within Victoria and Australia.

If it’s in season, we sell it

Eating with the seasons is good for your health as well as your wallet. Fruit and veg that have ripened naturally on the tree or vine have the highest nutritional value. Take oranges and mandarins – they are full of vitamin C and grow in winter when our bodies need an immune boost. So, stock up on the freshest of local produce, because nothing beats buying direct from the grower, at a gourmet farm gate shop.

Think local berries, apples, stonefruit, vegetables – every time you visit you’ll see new and different seasonal produce on our shelves. We guarantee that when you fill your basket at Gateway Estate you’ll be buying the freshest of produce, because we are the Yarra Valley’s gourmet farmgate shop.