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Grown at Gateway

grown at gateway

Gateway Estate operates a 5000 square metre (1 ¼ acre) high tech hydroponic greenhouse to produce around 120 tons of high quality capsicums,  35,000 pots of basil and 7 tons of beautiful ripe red strawberries each year.

Employing the latest in Integrated Pest Management techniques and a zero waste closed loop irrigation system, the greenhouse can produce many times the yield of field crops using a fraction of the chemicals, sprays water and fertilizer.

We hate using traditional insecticides, so before we get out the spray bottle to kill a pest bug, we will usually release insect predators. Frequently we will even release these predators before the pest bugs arrive. Good bugs to get the bad bugs. This reduces our dependence on chemical sprays and ensures  a cleaner healthier greenhouse and produce.

Our zero waste closed loop irrigation system helps us produce huge quantities of produce with the minimum amount of water when compared with field crops. One example of this is greenhouse tomato production. To produce $100 of field tomatoes requires around 38,000 litres of water, to produce the same amount of tomatoes hydroponically in a modern greenhouse requires less than 1000 litres of water.